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List of organizations classified as subjects of financial monitoring

List of organizations classified as subjects of financial monitoring

1) Banks, organizations conducting certain types of banking operations, except for the operator interbank system of money transfers;

2) Exchanges;

3) Insurance (reinsurance) organizations, insurance brokers;

4) Integrated accumulative pension fund and voluntary pension savings funds;

5) Professional participants of the securities market, central depository;

6) Notaries, conducting notarial actions with money and (or) other property;

7) Lawyers, other independent legal professionals - in cases where they are from or on behalf of a client conducting operations with money and (or) other property in respect of the following activities: sale of real estate; managing money, securities or other assets; management of bank accounts or securities accounts; accumulation of funds for the establishment, maintenance, operation or management of companies; creation, sale, operation of the legal entity or its management;

8) Accounting organizations and professional accountants, conducting business activities in the field of accounting, auditing organizations;

9) Organizers of gaming industry and lotteries;

10) Mail operators providing money transfer services;

11) Microfinance institutions;

12) Operators of electronic money, not banks.

The list of organizations and individuals associated with the financing of terrorism and extremism

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